Premier League: Liverpool beat Aston Villa 2-1, Mane's goal reversed|real cash kamane wala game-ninja ludo cash game

Premier League: Liverpool beat Aston Villa 2-1, Mane's goal reversed

It is reported that Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Everton are all watching Ake's movements, and among the clubs chasing Ake, Chelsea has the advantage because of the 4,000 people in their transfer agreement with Bournemouth. 拢10,000 buyback clause.

The media pointed out that in addition to Ake, Leipzig defender Upamecano and Juventus defender Rugani are also candidates for Arsenal to consider.For more information on "Arsenal plans to compete for Bournemouth defender Ake in January", please continue to pay attention to the scientific and technological information column, and the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.

After Li Tie officially took command of the national football team, the new training list of the national football team was also announced. "Tianjin Daily" published an article analyzing that Li Tie has determined the general direction of rejuvenation for the national football team.Tianjin media believes that players like Tomorrow, Liu Yun, Li Xing, etc. who performed well in Wuhan Zall but were less famous also got the opportunity, which proves that Li Tie is eclectic in selecting and employing people, and he does not avoid relatives.

Due to his age, veteran Zheng Zhi missed the new national team training camp, and Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin and other 85-level national youth main players were also unsuccessful. Therefore, Tianjin media said that the future direction of the Chinese team is definitely younger.In addition, Tianjin media also revealed that the Football Association has arranged for two sets of expert teams to review and analyze important competitions of national teams at all levels and the Chinese Super League. The set of people is composed of European technical teams. These experts are technically sorting out ideas for the development of Chinese football.

Attached is the list of the new national team training camp (27 people in total):Guangzhou Evergrande: Exxon, Wei Shihao, Gao Zhunyi, Zhang Linpeng, Liu Dianzuo

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